Worship & Arts 

Worship and arts are an integral part of our culture at Dwelling Place. Scroll through to discover some of our expressions.

Worship Team

Worship is our overflow of love and affection for who Jesus is. During worship we want to touch Heaven with our surrender. We want to offer God worship that comes from a pure heart in total faith that he comes when we just simply call his name. We worship freely without any inhibition, and through that, desire to see people encounter the tangible presence of God. We believe that one moment in the Father's presence changes everything. We can't wait to worship with YOU! 

Media Team

The mission of our media team is to amplify the atmosphere of the presence of God by expressing the creative heart of God and simplifying the exchange of information. This team operates the sound, lights, cameras, video, screens, graphics, and all other audio/ visual experiences. 

For more information, contact: Ben Garcia


Movement Dance Team

Middle School - Young Adults

Movement Dance is our church's ministry dance team. Movement's purpose is to express the heart of God and bring forth awakening to His love through the arts. 

For more information, contact: Taylor Jewitt

DK Dance Team

Ages 6 - 11

DK Dance is a dance and drama team made up of the children from Dwelling Place. It was birthed through the life and story of King Josiah who began to rule his nation at the young age of 8 years old. We believe that God has created each one of His children with a purpose and plan for their life. This unique calling can be fulfilled even at a young age. DK Dance helps to prepare these young people for that call by developing the gifts within them and equipping them to fulfill the great commission.


For more information, contact: Morgan Johnson